ChipView-x51 for Windows combines the ease-of-use of Windows with the power of Borland's award-winning Turbo Debugger.

It is available with a High-Performance Simulation engine, a RISM-based ROM Monitor engine, or interfaced to popular 80x51 in-circuit emulators and ROM emulators. 

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Choose the Views

There are plenty of views to choose from: source-level modules, assembly-level code, watches, inspectors, on-chip registers, C call stack, variables, breakpoints, execution trace, session log, memory dumps, and more.

Drop a few expressions into the Watch Window.  Decompose arrays or structures across several inspectors.  With ChipView-x51 you can simply point & click to follow a linked list.

Each type of ChipView-x51's views can be customized by font, color, and style.   Context-sensitive menus can be popped-up with a right button click, or pulled-down from the Local item of the main menu to control view-specific debugging properties.

Simulator Features

The ChipView-x51 High-Performance Simulator faithfully reproduces all on-chip peripherals and opcodes to let you debug your 8051 program in a safe, crashproof environment.  Running on your PC with no additional hardware, this high-performance engine achieves near real-time speed of a 8051 CPU!  It is ideal for testing entire programs before the target hardware is ready, with up to 64 banks of code.

All on-chip hardware is simulated, including on-chip peripherals, and interrupt structure.  Off-chip peripherals can be memory-mapped and simulated via I/O files or by custom ActiveX controls connected to ChipView's virtual peripheral interface.  Elapsed cycle times are continuously measured, to permit testing and timing of interrupt-driven routines.

The High-Performance Simulator can collect megabytes of trace frames, complete with time stamp information.  Code and data spaces can be mapped with 256 byte granularity.  The entire address space of 64 banks of 64K can be simulated, enabling any 8051 program to be debugged effortlessly.

Emulator Interface Features

Custom versions of ChipView-x51 are available for popular in-circuit emulators.   Breakpoint, trace and configuration setup, in addition to trace frame display are among the customizations made for each ICE vendor's hardware.


bulletHost: IBM AT or compatible 486 with at least 8 MB RAM, running on Microsoft Windows 3.1/9x/NT4 (Simulator runs on Windows 9x/NT4 only).
bulletHigh-level support for C compilers from Archimedes, Tasking, Franklin, IAR and Keil.
bulletSource-level support for Assemblers and PL/M-51 compilers from Intel. Others supported at OMF51.
bulletDerivatives such as 8xC51Fx, 80C517, 8xC552, DS80C320
bulletCustom versions for popular in-circuit emulators

Key Features

bulletKey-compatible with Borland's popular Turbo Debugger
bulletOver 3 MB of Context-sensitive help
bulletNew Windows controls for easy mouse use, as well as expert modes with short-cut keys
bulletConditional breakpoints with pass counts & action selection
bulletAll variables displayed with type & scope information
bulletBuilt-in C expression evaluator handles arbitrary prompt input
bulletTotal configuration save/restore including breakpoints, watches, lists, window layout, macros, etc.
bulletOne click Build command to fix & test code fast, as well as one click Edit to edit as you go
bulletHigh-Level function Call Stack window with parameters and types
bulletDataTips browse C structures, unions, arrays, and pointers (linked lists) by simply placing the mouse cursor over the expression
bulletOLE drag & drop allows most debugging operations to be performed without touching the keyboard
bulletDataDrop allows the user to drop values into DataZone variables to change their contents
bulletSFRTips instantly describe special function register modes in plain text
bulletPowerful scripting capabilities provided through the use of Microsoft's ActiveX scripting engines, with over 100 callable ChipView functions (VBScript and JScript engines included)
bulletAn OLE automation interface that allows you to perform such functions as unit testing, without having to interact with the ChipView user interface
bulletRTOS awareness supports 3rd party RTOS DLLs (using industry standard SDS API) for task based debugging

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